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Different cultures bring beautiful elements to celebrations. For Chinese weddings, working in traditional themes such as lotus blossoms, dragons for luck, the color red, and the double happiness symbol are always pretty to see. Some of our linens lend themselves perfectly for these occasions.

Lotus Red

Our striking Lotus Red, available as an 84″ square linen or a table runner, creates a perfect pop of color that ties in well to other red accents.

Overlay Lotus_Red_thumb


Gown courtesy Liquiwork



Cake via Pinterest




Source: Pinterest 


Lotus Water

Use our Lotus Water table linen, available in 84″ square, to create subtle drama. Tie it into pretty accents of blue and gold.

Overlay Lotus_Water_thumb


Photography: Tamiz Photography




Source: Pinterest


Photography:Tamiz Photography

Photography: Tamiz Photography


Our River Nude overlay is a beautiful choice when you want to add just a hint of romance. An excellent choice for a sweetheart or a cake table, use a pretty lamour linen underneath it to create different looks.

Overlay River_Nude_thumb


One of our favorites to use underneath is Lamour Cashmere.

Photography: Lauren Michelle

Photography: Lauren Michelle 



Photo by Blahnik Baker



Our Flora Blush overlay is another great choice (also available in Matte Gold) to create a sense of glamour while still remaining soft and pretty.

Overlay Flora_Blush_thumb